Freelance Artist

* Freelance Artist since 2003
* Co-founder of DigitalBanana in 2005
* Lead Artist at DigitalBananaStudio Since 2008
* Currenctly freelanceing for clients all around the world from Wellington, New Zealand.

Some publications include:
Exposè I and II, Creative Magazine, InCG, 3DArtist Magazine, 3D World Magazine, Newtek Europe

Some awards include:
CGChoice Award
3DTotal Excellence Awards
CG HUB Gold Awards
CGFeedback Top Row Award
1st place CGHub Actors Challenge 2013
1st place CGHub Pinups Challenge 2013
1st place CGTalk Cinematic Game Icons Challenge 2003

Software knowledge:
3DS Max, Vray, Hair Farm
Marvelous Designer


Aoki - Serie developments
Microsoft Game Studios - Game cinematics
Aria Animation - 3D artist
Callitoon - 3D character lead for several TV series
Deanlight Stockholm AB - Web commericals
Animation Workshop - 3D artist
Bug - TV commercials
Coca Cola - TV commercials
Fortune Promoseven - Commercials
Hvita Husid Advertising Agency - TV commercials
La Film Polydor - TV commercials
Madteam - Music Video
Phenomedia - Online Games
Alphanim - TV series
Autochenille - Film
AutomnMoon Entertainment - Games
Classic Media - Film, TV and music videos
CyberGroup Animation - TV series
Crackpot Entertainment - Games
DipDive - Music videos
Walt Disney - TV series development
Hush - 3D artist
Neuf - Games
Studio 100 - TV series
Ubisoft - Games and research
Wizz - 3D artist
Eye Candy Film - Commercials and serie development
Forge, the
EA games - 3D supervisor
Grand Theme - 3D artist
Guinness World Of Records - 3D Artist
Linkin Media - 2D/3D artist for commercials and websites
NFL films - TV commercials
PuyaArts - Games
Red Shift - Web
Supercell - 3D Character Artist, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale
Cryptozoic Entertainment - 3D Sculpts for print
Ember Lab - 3D Character Artist
VideoSeals - 2D/3D artist

Nimue statue

Nimue Statue

Collaboration with Chris Sanders. Cast of resin, Nimue stands 7.25 inches and comes in four different versions.
Limited to 275 copies

Sold Out
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Banana girl statue

Banana Girl Statue

Collaboration with Bill Presing. Cast of resin, stands 6.5 inches and is limited to 225 copies.

Sold Out
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Mandy statue

Mandy Statue

Coming Soon,
Collaboration with Dean Yeagle. Cast of resin, Mandy stands 12 inches tall.

Sold Out
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